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Developing brand image to deliver a more diverse demographic.

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The road to true diversity and inclusion is typically thought of as being long and painful. Big companies with complex organisational structures take time to transform; policy roll-outs and revamps can go on for years.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Social media can be utilised to generate feedback on the initiatives relevant communities would like to see and enables rapid iteration and refining of diversity and inclusion.

Social media gives large corporations the opportunity to cut through the spin, acronyms and corporate jargon that may turn off many well-suited potential clients.

In an age when people are bombarded by advertising on an almost minute-by-minute basis, people are drowning in information – and thirsting for knowledge. 
So quit with the traditional blanketed employer brand campaigns. When communicating brand value propositions to candidates from minority backgrounds, it is direct, personalised and authentic conversation that works best.

One of the most transformational benefits of social media are analytics: these tools are an excellent gauge of the diversity and inclusivity of the international musician community and potential clients. Social media datapoints can be used to set diversity benchmarks, track progress and revise strategy.

Social channels are a reflection of both an organisation and its culture. If your channels have diverse communities interacting with content that speaks to them, their cultural background, their life-situation and all of the other things that make a person unique – well, you’ll have made a pretty good case as being one of the most diverse and inclusive brand on the planet.