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Enhancing the user experience of a dog lover’s quest for personalize pet nutrition.


Nestlé Purina is 20th century retail pet food company that has launched a 21st century personalized dog food available exclusively online. Combining an owners' firsthand knowledge of their dog with Purina's proven nutritional expertise, consumers' create a personalized dog food, delivered direct to your door.

My Role

Lead UX Designer / UX Researcher / Interaction Design

The team

Designer, Executive Creative Director, 1 UX Researcher, 1 Product Owner, 1 Scrum Master, 5+ engineers.


October 2022 - December 2022


For Just Right, one of the biggest challenges is how to reduce customer churn through subscription cancellations.

During our product onboarding, we could see that Just Right was missing industry-standard cancellation deflections and subscription controls that reduce the cancellation rate and improve retention.

Task / solution

After desktop research, benchmarking interviews and surveys to collect qualitative and causative data, I recognized and synthesized few issues and topics.

  1. Offer subscribers more flexibility on account page level: put subscriptions on hold or switch to an every other month plan (suggested in IPSY design challenge).
  2. Listen to why the user is leaving, and then present them meaningful offers/helps to address the reason they have stated.
  3. Communicate the consequences (benefits would be lost) and provide clear Cancellation path.
  4. Provide bigger ecosystem of support and ask for feedback.



  • Reasons to believe & support for cancellation deflection
  • Ease in subscription management
  • Build cancellation flows for all current survey reasons
  • Add and re-language reasons based on user research
  • Add retention offer & education flow variants

Key Success metric

  • Close the leaky funnel of customer churn, improving to 7+ month average for overall customer base.


  • Retention offer feasibility  
  • There are no established design patterns for UX designers to replicate
  • Conflicting business and usability goals

Empathize / Qualitative Research  

Open-end cancellation reasons analysis

We analyzed over 180 open-end responses to Just Right’s cancellation modal.

The top issues include shipping/payment failures, having too much or too little food, and pet rejection/allergies.

  • Allergies or rejecting the food were cited as the top cancellation reason in this sample.
  • Payment issues ( e.g. expired card, budget concerns ) motivate users to consider their subscription and cancel.
  • People either don’t know how to change their delivery dates, are not being notified or both.


Empathize / User flow

Map out the user’s current journey of cancellation

I broke down the existing cancellation flow to understand why it does not work and identify opportunities to retain users.

I then mapped out the current Information Architecture that how people cancel their subscription.

The pain points of existing cancellation flow:
  • No alternatives to solve their problem of why they are deleting the account in the first place.
  • Missed opportunity to gather customer feedback data to improve CAB and personalization logic.
  • Doesn’t provide the user alternatives when canceling
  • Flow doesn’t react to user’s reason for leaving

Empathize / Competitor analysis

Evaluate the market’s top subscription 
services’ retention framework

Because no design patterns or best practices exist for offboarding user experiences, we decided to conduct a comparative evaluation of the market’s top subscription services’ customer retention frameworks, promotional strategies, CX data, and Trustpilot reviews.

Empathize / Findings & Recommendations

Summary of Retention Strategy
Findings & Recommendations

The following strategies were discovered through the cancellation audit and the recommendations we suggest.

Define / Problem Statement

How might we apply industry-standard cancellation deflections and subscription controls that reduce the cancellation rate and improve retention?

Ideate / user journey

Meeting the user’s needs to deflect cancellation

Following collective research synthesis, we established several user goals and developed solutions to meet their needs.
  • Re-language cancellation reasons based on user insights
  • Offer meaningful help with a friendly tone
  • Personalize offers based on user’s cancellation reasons
  • Include product education and support
  • Recommend alternative blends and inclusions based on dog’s experience

I created new journey variants to introduce help and alternatives to the user, before they determine to leave.

Empathize / Competitor analysis

User flow variants documented for prototypes 
to be used in user testing

Following collective research synthesis, we established several user goals and developed solutions to meet their needs.

Change order frequency / reschedule order / Cancellation offer