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Supporting a user to initiate SSO and account linking with


Kids grow at astounding rates, and are notoriously rough on footwear — two reasons why buying shoes for them can be difficult. The Nike Adventure Club is out to change that. This subscription service provides kids with four, six, or 12 new pairs per year, ensuring they'll always have correct-fitting, non-destroyed kicks. Over 100 sneaker styles are available, and the shoes arrive in customized packaging, complete with adventure guides that encourage them to be active.

My Role

Product Designer

The team

Lead Product Designer, Creative Director, 4+ Engineers, 1 Product Owner. We partnered with Nike, Inc. for this project.


April 2020 - June 2020

Overview is integrating with all of the Nike, Inc. applications and digital products. In addition, users will be asked to link their accounts to and adopt single sign-on (SSO) and provide a robust foundation for the enterprise to maneuver beyond passwords and protect their business. For the user, SSO establishes an authentication authority in order so that they can access any application seamlessly and securely.

Nike Unite is the user initiated account linking proccess; the user creates, or connects, their Nike, Inc. product in once and manage account centrally across your Nike apps/products. Through Nike Unite, you get a unified account managment experience through account. 

Problem statement

How might we improve our Customer User Experience with Nike’s Unite login functionality?

1. Discovery:



  • Provide a more seamless on boarding experience
  • Consistent Registration Experience 
  • Unlock Nike Member audience
  • Leverage data from profiles / data object.

What makes sense now?

  • Login / Sign Up
  • Refactor Add Member or Checkout page to leverage saved shipping methods from profile.


  • Is it possible to make any copy or styling edits to Nike Unite views?
  • Access to and account settings
  • Account Management? What are the requirements for leveraging Nike Unite Login functionality?

User Journey

2. Define:

CX Requirements


Why it maters: Customers need clear and consistent navigation actions throughout the customer user experience that are unique / relevant to subscriptions. We need to avoid confusion by having conflicting user actions in the primary nav (e.g. multiple “cart” or “settings” actions) and make it clear to customers that they are in a subscription experience.

  • Two different UI states with conditional actions for logged in and logged out customers.
  • Quick access to key user actions like  account settings, key marketing pages, cart, member menu, sign in and sign up.
  • Ability to easily toggle between different members/subs

What’s flexible?

  • Visual language / design patterns (iconography, spacing, baseline grid, margins, color, etc.)
  • How we signal that you’re in a subscription experience.
  • The placement of actions, and  how the navigation behaves across different screen resolutions.

Curated Product Wall

Why it matters:
Customers value a personalized and curated product wall that is unique to their members needs (shoe size, available inventory) and wants (style preferences).

Product Wall Considerations:
  • Offer personalization through a curated product wall and personalized UI elements like headers, and copy.
  • Only surface relevant product information.
  • Enable account holders to easily transition between different members when browsing product.


Why it matters: Having an intuitive, simple and delightful on-boarding experience allows us to gather necessary information to provide a curated product wall and subscription experience.

  • Leverage lightweight personalization and Nike Unite functionality
  • Improve contextual communication, especially in areas that are known friction points.
  • Opportunity to gather relevant info for more personalized value-added-services.