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Helping musicians create custom campaigns for better music marketing.

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Product Design / Web Design / User Experience / User Interface Design

Jasmine Bradley
Rebecca Bateman

Erlend Hamberg
Ed Stasny
John Lovell

Trinity Sell
Description website design, 2018 is a content marketing service that provides musicians with tools to create and execute online marketing campaigns with powerful analytics tools, enabling tracking and analysis of consumer behavior.

The request was to update’s copy, styling and interface to reflect new features, pricing, and update graphics containing sites or services that have been improved or discontinued.

During the prototyping process, my goal was to create an interaction, which is quick, short and responsive, while making sure that it’s feasible from a developer point of view as well.

I have been assigned to re-design the entire entire Front-Facing website that has a launch date in Fall 2018. This this prototype is only containing the landing page, which has been published.

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